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Biff Mitchell


Copyright 2003 by Thomas ‘Biff’ Mitchell

All rights reserved

ISBN: 0-9732799-0-7


The contents of this publication are the sole property of the author and cannot be used in any other venue, either print or electronic, without express written permission of the author.

"Clearings: Stories and a Poem" was previously published as "Clearings (A Collection of Four Stories)" by ShortStuffBooks, Arkansas

"arrival" was previously published on Nanook of the Nashwaak’s "My Secret River" site.

"The Nickel", "Downstream", "The Baton" (as "Killing Assholes"), and "Smoke Break" were all work-shopped at the Zoetrope Studios Writer’s Community. (Thanks again to all who critiqued and commented.)

"The Nickel" originally appeared at the now defunct site after winning its monthly short story competition.


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Team Player (

"Hilarious, and ringing with wry truth, TEAM PLAYER is a novel best enjoyed by those who can appreciate the absurdity of modern life. Written in a distinctive style, the book is full of vividly painted characters and odd, nearly unbelievable events that all tie together neatly in the end. Lovingly detailed, Mitchell uses a series of scenes, emails and vignettes to lead the reader spellbound and helpless with incredulous laughter. His characterization is deep, yet the book itself is easily read. Off-beat, darkly humorous and all-too-realistic, TEAM PLAYER is a truly great read."

Ann Leveille, The Best Reviews

Heavy Load (a laundromance) ( )

"A creative masterpiece …"

Cindy Penn, WordWeaving

"Author Biff Mitchell has a unique writing style that makes this book a great read."

LISA ANN, The Book Review Café

"If you can accept the unfashionable idea that ordinary, everyday life is worth observing, you’ll enjoy this story and the way it is told."

Deborah Fisher, Tregolwyn Book Reviews