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Lea Tassie

Genres: Suspense, Mainstream, Humour, Short Stories

Publisher: Electric eBook Publishing

Lea was raised on an isolated homestead in northern B. C. and fell in love with books early. At age ten she wrote her first story with purple ink in a school scribbler.

Finding it necessary to eat while making the writing dream a reality, she worked as an accountant for several years, including three years with repertory theatres in the U.S. Of her other occupations, the least fun was selling real estate. The most fun was working as a stewardess on a small freighter sailing out of Jamaica, though she soon discovered that seasickness was a fate far worse than doing income tax returns.

Lea fulfilled a life-long desire for a university education by taking correspondence courses and graduating from the University of Waterloo in 1990, with a B.A. in Classical Studies.

Now she writes full time (when not playing bridge for relaxation) and lives in Victoria, B.C. with her husband, a former journalist, and their imperious black and white cat, Whiskey. The purple ink has been traded for a Pentium.


RitaToews.jpg (182213 bytes)Rita Y. Toews

Genre: Non-Fiction Autobiography, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction, Suspense, Historical Fiction, Children's Fiction

Publisher(s): Hard Shell Word Factory, Writers Exchange E-Publishing, The Fiction Works, Books Unbound E-Publishing

Personal Website: www.domokos.com/Rita.html 

Rita lives in a small town near Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband, Dan, and Mickey, the obligatory "writer's cat".

When she was growing up her father worked as a driller on oil wells--that meant her family was constantly on the move from town to town. When you're lonely, books are very good company. The desire to write grew out of her enjoyment of the stories she read.

She began her first novel when she was 23. At the time, she remembers thinking that when an author had an idea for a book they just started writing, and it flowed out, chapter after chapter. She soon had a rude awakening! She actually completed the first chapter, but didn't know where to go from there.

When she was 50 she decided that if she had a desire to write, then she'd better get serious about it and take some writing courses. In 1999, she was taking a writing class at the University of Winnipeg and the instructor approached her about assisting a Hungarian gentleman with his memoirs. She just loves the stories that older people have to tell, so she phoned Alex Domokos and we agreed to meet in a Second Cup coffee shop to talk about it. We've been writing together ever since.

She's had her stories published in several magazines, including Zygote, The Western Producer, Mysterical-E and Green Prints. Just recently she had a story accepted by Columbia Magazine. She also completed four children's books that should be published in 2002.

Together, Alex and she have written his memoirs and the resulting book, The Price of Freedom, has been very well received. As well as having been published electronically, it will be available in print from The Fiction Works in June, 2002. It is currently being translated into German for release in 2002 and has been presented to two movie studios for consideration.

We've also published a speculative fiction entitled Prometheus, a mainstream novella entitled Shades of Gray and a collection of short Christian stories entitled Ten Chocolates From the Box. We are currently working on a thriller set in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Visit Winnipeg, Manitoba: http://www.city.winnipeg.mb.ca/interhom/