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Selena Robins

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Publisher: Treble Heart Books

Personal Website: http://selenarobins.com

Selena Robins is one of Treble Heart Book's newest authors. Selena introduces you to a few of her many friends - who reside in her imagination, partying hardy - in her debut novel. This new work is a paranormal romantic comedy, Sabrina’s Destiny. Selena has written children’s short stories, short stories for Arabella magazine, and many non-fiction articles for magazines, which have all been well received.

Selena’s creations describe heroes and heroines who fly by the seat of their pants without a safety net. It is this kind of free living that readers will instantly be entertained as Selena spins her fascination with life’s quirky happenings and romance into a comical adventures.

Her debut novel, Sabrina’s Destiny, won the 2003-2004 Best Book Award, in the Treble Heart Book Contest, and the May 2004 Reviewers Choice Award on the Road to Romance Review Site. Selena has also won the Royal Rendezvous Conference Contest in Victoria, BC, for her contemporary suspense, Her Bodyguard’s Secret.

Selena, and her husband David have recently become empty nesters, as their son launched his career and life out on his own. They reside in their hometown, Ottawa, Ontario. She loves writing romance in particular because of the happy endings. She is presently working on a romantic comedy and intends to write a sequel to Sabrina’s Destiny.

Her friend and mentor Susan Peterson, Harlequin Intrigue Author says this about Selena: “Selena Robins is one of Romance genre's newest and most promising upcoming authors. Her witty dialogue and delightful characters are sure to engage you and keep you coming back for more.”

Selena loves to hear from readers, she can be reached at selenarobins@rogers.com or visit her website at http://selenarobins.com/


Terry (T.K.) Sheils

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Humour, History, Paranormal Romance

Publisher(s): LTDBooks, Awe-Struck E-Books

Personal Website: http://www.terrysheils.com

Toronto-born Terry had to wait until he retired from teaching High School Drama and English before he could turn to his first love, writing. Now, he says, he writes constantly…on a computer when he is near one, in his head when he isn’t. The result is nine published works and many manuscripts waiting in line.

Born in 1935, Terry is a graduate of Lawrence Park C.I. and Victoria College, U. of T. where he won the Moss Scholarship and Men’s Senior Stick in 1957. He worked at Avro Aircraft for two years where he met Elwy Yost, a friendship that resulted in their working together at META (Metropolitan Educational Television Association) for several years. Returning to Vic, he gained an M.A. in Philosophy and then entered into a career of teaching High School English and Theatre Arts which reached an apogee when he became Assistant Coordinator of English and Theatre Arts under Roberta Charlesworth for the North York Board. While in this job, he also wrote many notes on the teaching of Drama which were used across North York and as far afield as Queen’s University in Kingston. As a member of many Curriculum Committees for Middle School, his fine hand can also be seen in page after page of lesson ideas.

He met his wife, Dee, who also writes (under the name Dee Lloyd) while writing and performing in the Bob Revue at Victoria College and they were married in 1956. They have two grown daughters, Laura and Sharon.

Laura is the L in LTDBooks, Terry’s prime publisher, where he also acts as editor for her as publisher. Sharon is a partner in a Music School in Aurora, Ontario.

Terry and Dee are long-time Scarborough residents, having lived in the same house since 1961…that is when they are not living at their island cottage near Huntsville.

And writing, writing, writing…

Visit Toronto: http://www.city.toronto.on.ca/

Visit Almaguin Highlands, where we have had a cottage for forty years. http://www.ontariosnearnorth.on.ca

Rick Sutcliffe

Genres: Christian SF, Macintosh Computing, Computing Languages (Modula-2), Ethical and Social Issues in Technology, Humour.

Publishers: Charles Merrill and Bookmice (both now defunct), Arjay Books.

Personal Web Sites: 







Rick Sutcliffe has worked as a truck driver, printer, bindery man, warehouseman, mail clerk, accounting clerk, rail car checker, telegraph clerk, library assistant, high school teacher, and university professor. He has also written commercial software, fiction and non fiction, a variety of columns, done curriculum design, and performed consulting work in computing and school accreditation.

His relationship with Jesus Christ is of supreme importance to him, and he has been heavily involved in  Aldergrove Baptist Church for many years, serving as youth leader, boys' club leader, teller, assistant treasurer, treasurer, photographer, chair of various committees, deacon, elder, and church chairman. Trinity Western University, where he is a tenured full professor of computing science and Mathematics, is Canada's premiere Christian Liberal Arts and Sciences University.

His degrees are in mathematics, but while a high school math and physics teacher he pioneered the use of microcomputers in British Columbia schools and soon became involved in computing education, writing for computing trade publications, and producing shareware products. He assisted TWU to begin its first computing science courses, and a year later (1983) joined the university as a faculty member.

There, he has served in numerous roles, including a terms as faculty association chair, mathematics department chair, academic council, and dean of science. He coordinates the academic computing and supervises the computing science degree programme.

He has represented Canada on standards committees both nationally and internationally, and is co-author of the ISO Modula-2 standard, as well as of a shareware textbook on the language. (An earlier edition was published by Charles Merrill.) This book and another on ethical and social issues in technology are available from Arjay Books, and are used in university coursework as well as by individuals. His standards work has taken him to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, and the United Kingdom.

Rick has used the Internet in various ways since the mid 70's and had electronic books available there in the early 90's. He has dabbled in fiction for a number of years, publishing The Peace, first in an ambitious Irish-Christian SF series, with Bookmice in June 2000. The Peace was nominated for the Frankfurt e Book Award that year and in early 2001 was Bookmice's #1 best-selling eBook. It also received strong reviews, including one from Tom Easton in the prestigious SF magazine Analog. While awaiting a new publisher, The Peace and The Friends (Book 2) are available from Arjay Books.

His SF examines technological and ethical issues in the context of earths with alternate histories. The first series takes place largely on a world where Brian Boru survived Clontarf to establish an enduring Irish crown that now rules two entire planets. Their own world is two hundred years ahead of ours technologically, but suffered a series of nuclear and biological wars in the eighteenth century whose effects on population and birthrates continue to this day.

Consequently, some technologies are banned, and wars can only be fought with hand-wielded weapons (not even guns). Only a powerful and fairly universal moral code keeps Ortho Earth (Greater Hibernia) stable. Of course, humankind being fallen there too, some would cheat, necessitating careful policing by the crown. But the king has been deposed by his corrupt nobles and...

Rick  has been happily married to Joyce since 1969 and has two children, Nathan (a software engineer) and Joel (math and history, lifeguarding). They live in a house they designed and built at Bradner, BC, where he also enjoys gardening, photography, and woodworking.

Visit Trinity Western University