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Hugh McCracken 

Genres: Young Adult; Action/adventure general readership; Mystery as Alistair Kinnnon; Poetry 

Publisher: Bewrite Books, Bristol, UK

Personal Website: http://members.rogers.com/hmccra0339 

Hugh was born in Glasgow, Scotland and had his early education somewhat interrupted by evacuation during W.W. II. After taking a degree in Chemistry and Mathematics at St Andrews University he worked for some time as a Chemical Engineer before becoming a teacher. He, his wife Lyn, and son David, relocated to Canada in 1967 where his second son, Iain, was born.

Hugh and Lyn now live in Ottawa to be close to both sons, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren. For the past ten years Hugh has been a freelance writer and editor, although he started writing much earlier. Recently he became Senior Editor for BeWrite Books, Bristol, UK. Some of his short stories and poems may be seen at www.bewrite.net

His most recent publication was 'Return from the Hunt' in March 2003 --  a sequel to 'Rules of the Hunt' published by Bewrite Books in 2002.

See also: http://www.eternalnight.co.uk/books/m/mccracken.html, http://www.authorsden.com/huhgmccracken 



Robin Matheson

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publisher(s): Wings ePress

Personal Website: http://www.robinmatheson.com

Originally a native of Toronto, Robin’s greatest passion is traveling. Okay, she does occasionally work too, but that’s only to fund her next expedition. She and her family have lived in South East Asia and South Africa in addition to their home base north of Toronto.

Robin holds a B.A.H. in Classical Civilization and English from McMaster University and a Master of Education from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She’s taught Marketing, Business Writing, and English as a Second Language at college, overseas, and, more recently, writing courses online.

A member of several writer’s groups, Robin contributes regularly to chapter newsletters with articles on writing and research books. She is always at work on the next novel. 

Biff Mitchell

Genre: Humour

Web site: http://www.biffmitchell.com 

Publisher: Jacobyte Books

Biff lives at the absolute edge of the world with a paper maché fish named Betts and a psychotic cat named Pico. From Biff's living room window, you can see the elephant that carries the world around through chaos.

Biff has two novels published: Heavy Load, the world’s first laundromance; and Team Player, a spoof on the IT industry and work in the new millennium.  

His third novel, set 200 years in the future, is a satire about corporate business and life on the Internet. 

Biff is well into his fourth novel, which is set in Saint John, New Brunswick 75 years in the future. This one spoofs the fast food industry. 

Biff had a book of short stories, Clearings, published at ShortStuffBooks in Arkansas, but the publisher went under … right after the book received a four star review in Inscriptions Magazine. An expanded version of Clearings is presently available free of charge at Biff’s web site.


Rene Natan (aka Irene Gargantini)

Genre: fiction, romantic suspense

Personal Website: http://www.vermeil.biz/ 

When she was a little girl Rene Natan sat endless hours listening to her grandmother’s stories: the pretty princess disappeared…the little shepherd lost count of his sheep…a terrifying monster kidnapped all the children down in the valley…

Now it’s her turn to take others into the wonderful world of fiction. She has done so with Mountains of Dawn (1999), followed by Cross of Sapphires (2002), and The Collage (2003)—all novels of the romantic suspense genre. Killing on Mount Yula (2003) is a suspense- filled short story for teenagers. Embedding science into a framework of fantasy resulted in the short story A pair of Wings for Christmas (2003).

The Collage is an e-publication of Creative Guy Publishing. Operation Woman in Black is scheduled to appear in 2005, while The Jungfrau Watch is in preparation.

Rene Natan makes her home in Strathroy, Ontario, where she lives with her husband, Martin. Rene Natan is a pen name. Visit her at http://www.vermeil.biz  or contact her at renenatan@aol.com.