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Thomas Hunter

Genre: Science Fiction/Espionage

Publisher: Kengai Press

Publishers URL: http://www.kengaipress.com  

Thomas Hunter was born in Toronto in 1960. After acquiring an education in Radio and Television Broadcasting he pursued a career filming documentaries, has travelled North America and the globe, including places such as Asia, Europe, and the High Arctic, and lived in several locations including Africa. While novel writing, he also writes for an American magazine that features his other great love, WINE, and currently resides on the outskirts of Toronto with his wife and children.

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Martine Jardin

Genre: romance/paranormal/scifi and other genres

Personal Website: http://www.martinejardin.com

About Martine Jardin the writer and artist...

Does she live in a fairytale world? A world that only exists in books? On the contrary. She's very realistic and walks this earth with two feet firmly planted on the ground. However, we all dream and therefore bury ourselves in books that speak of magical love, solutions to broken relationships, fantasy, science fiction, the mysteries of history, futuristic worlds and adventure. We imagine ourselves as the hero or heroine in these books. We get so absorbed in the story, that we almost live it.

Martine was born a writer. According to her mother, she scribbled when just a toddler and hid all the pencils on her. As soon as she learned the alphabet, she wrote,  drew pictures, painted with watercolors, and has written ever since. She won some short story competitions at the age of twelve and drawing competitions. When she was seventeen, she wrote short children's stories and illustrated them for a magazine. She is published overseas.

During her career as a wife, mother and then single mother, Martine wrote many stories by hand. After her children grew up, she started writing seriously again and put all these stories into book form, writing her first complete novel by hand until her son convinced her to tackle the computer. Yesterday’s Tears, Tomorrow’s Pearls, is one of these stories.

She was gifted with many talents. Her hobbies are gardening, sewing, embroidery, knitting, painting, drawing, and many other crafts. But writing is her main talent and whenever she can, she now concentrates fully on it.

During her younger years, she traveled extensively and has lived in several different countries.

For the past 30 years she has lived in beautiful B.C., Canada, where she shares a home with her son.