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Chris Grover

Genre: Romantic suspense, mystery and paranormal/fantasy.

Publisher: Amber Quill Press, HardShell Word Factory

Personal website: http://www.chrisgrover.ca

Chris was born in England where she first began her love affair with books, and now lives in the Niagara region of Canada with her husband and their two Persian cats. She has traveled extensively in France, Italy and Spain, and as a devoted fan of mystery and suspense, likes to write what she most enjoys reading: stories with a European background and a police officer as a major character.

Writing about police procedures in another country does, of course, require careful research, but Chris has been very fortunate in this regard. A letter she wrote to Scotland Yard was passed on to a detective with thirty years experiencein British CID, so 'checking the facts' is no longer the problem it once was.

Chris is a longtime member of Romance Writers of America and the on-line Mystery-Suspense Chapter-Kiss of Death, and a founding member of the first RWA chapter in Canada. She also belongs to World Romance Writers, AEPRA (for electronically published romance authors), the Canadian Romance Authors Network, Canadian e-Authors, and the Golden Horseshoe Writers Group.

Chris is currently working on a mystery series set in England with future books in the series to possibly be set in the US. The main characters are a woman from Las Vegas who runs an accounting and secretarial business in a small English town and a police officer with British CID. Chris is also working on a murder-mystery set on the Oregon Coast, USA, a paranormal mystery at an English country hotel during the Christmas season, and a mystery-suspense that starts in New York then moves to Europe. One of these days, she hopes to do something with a background of art set in Italy...