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Jillian Dagg

Genre: Romance

Publisher(s): Muse Creations, Hard Shell Word Factory, New Concepts Publishing, LTD Books.

Personal Website: http://www.jilliandagg.com 

Jillian Dagg has been creating stories since she was a little girl, and her love of reading romance novels turned into a writing career. She has published print novels with Silhouette, Berkley Jove, Simon & Schuster, Robinson Scarlet, and Avalon. Her electronic books are published with Hard Shell Word Factory, Muse Creations, New Concepts Publishing and LTD Books. Many of her novels have been translated around the world. Jillian is a Charter Member of Romance Writers of America and a long time member of The Writers' Union of Canada. 

Visit Hamilton, On: http://www.city.hamilton.on.ca

Marjorie Daniels

Genre: Historical and Contemporary Romances, Adult short stories.

Publisher: DiskUs Publishing

Personal Web site: http://members.shaw.ca/marjedan

Marjorie Daniels grew up in England and went to school in a 13th century Priory (fortunately with updated bathrooms). Her first teaching job was also in a church school of great age. The stone entrance steps were so worn down with centuries of footsteps that the wind whistled under the door of her classroom.

She and her husband came as teachers to Canada, "just for a couple of years," and never went back. Since then Marjorie has taught in various parts of her adopted land and in Nigeria, but she has never lost her love of history. Her historical romance, THROUGH SERENA'S EYES, is currently available through DiskUs Publishing. She has written two more historical romances, a contemporary romantic suspense set in Spain and a romantic adventure set in Nigeria.

Marjorie is presently working on a sixth book, this time with a Canadian setting. Three of her short stories have won awards in the Canadian Writer’s Journal annual fiction competition and she has three dozen articles published. Her article, ‘The Moon’s The Limit,’ won First Place in the Writer’s Digest Literary Competition. Marjorie lives happily with her husband, Danny, on Vancouver Island. When she’s not writing she enjoys singing, tap dancing, running and dragon boat paddling.

Visit Vancouver Island, Victoria and the Gulf Islands: http://www.islands.bc.ca/

Laura Davis

Genre: Occult, Romantica

Publishers: Electric eBook Publishing, Extasy Books

Along with my business partner, I run the "Programme d'anglais Langue seconde du Shawinigan High School." I am an anglophone who feels privileged to speak French. Although I no longer reside in my home town of Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships, my heart still lies with those rolling hills. I attended Champlain College and hold a Masters degree from Concordia University in Sociology. I did four year of Ph.D studies, then called it a day. Writing fiction and defending human rights have been my life-long passions. I reside with my long time partner Donald Mc Culloch and our two cats, who graciously allow us to share their living space. 

m&s.jpg width=Mary Dober

Genre: Romance and children's poetry, paranormal short stories 

Publisher(s): http://lovestories.com 

Personal Website: http://thinkers.net/poet/bigblues.html

Mary is new to the writing world. Although it has always been a passion of hers, she didn't start writing until June of 2002. She has since self-published about eighty poems and several short stories at Lovestories.com. She has one short story published by Tintota.com, with several others accepted by them for subsequent publication. 

Mary is originally from Newfoundland and resides with her husband Steve and their 5 year year old son, Stephen, in Sudbury.


Alex Domokos

Genre: Autobiography, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction, Suspense, Historical Fiction

Publisher(s): Hard Shell Word Factory, Writers Exchange E-Publishing, The Fiction Works, KripgansBooks (in German translation)

Personal Website: http://www.domokos.com

Alexander (Sandor) Domokos was born in Szabadaka, Yugoslavia in 1921. The family fled to Hungary as refugees that same year.

The only child of an upper-middle class family, as a young man he attended military college then transferred to the Gendarmery after being commissioned. After the onset of World War Two he was called to front line duty.

During the seige of Buda in February, 1945, Mr. Domokos was captured and held as a prisoner of war in Russia for six years, then endured a further four years under deportation and police surveillance in Hungary. He fled Hungary in 1956 and, with the assistance of the United Nations, settled in Winnipeg.

Mr. Domokos is a versatile author of short stories, plays, novels, essays and poems, as well as an accomplished sculptor, photographer and cinematographer. He currently has five books in publication in his native Hungary. His works have been part of several Anthologies of Canadian-Hungarian authors and have been published in the Purdue University Calumet fine arts annual "Skylark", The Douglas College Review, Lethbridge Magazine and Canadian Fiction Magazine.

His autobiography, The Price of Freedom, will be released in e-book format in 2002 as well as in trade paperback. Three of his novels, The Price of Freedom, Prometheus, and Shades of Gray, are being translated into German by KripgansBooks and he will also release a collection of short Christian stories in 2002.

Dr. Domokos retired from the University of Manitoba in 1986, and lives with his wife and daughter in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Visit Winnipeg, Manitoba: http://www.city.winnipeg.mb.ca/interhom/