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Judy Bagshaw

Genre: Contemporary Romances with plus-sized heroines

Publisher: Electric eBook Publishing 

Personal URL: http://writerlady.homestead.com/homepage.html

Canadian eAuthor Judy Bagshaw is a woman with a mission and a unique vision. She has lived all her life as a plus size person in a thin-obsessed world. As a full time elementary school teacher for over two decades, she has personally witnessed the effect this thin obsession has had on many of her young, impressionable students. She has also recognized the need for people of size to see themselves represented in the media as more than the butt of jokes, the villain, or the jolly sidekick. To this end, Judy’s romance short stories and novels feature plus sized central characters living rich, involved lives, just as she has.

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Beverley Bateman

Genre: Mystery/Romantic Suspense

Publisher(s): RFI West Publications Wings ePress Inc.

Personal Website: http://www.beverleybateman.com

Abuse investigation has been a part of Beverley Bateman's adult life. Her career in public health nursing brought her into daily contact with challenging families and gave her an up-close view into the lives of families from all social levels and occupations; including drug dealers, hookers and abusers. This look into different and varied aspects of life provided Beverley with a wealth of knowledge for her to draw on to enhance her writing skills, as she develops emotional situations and realistic characters facing emotional and life-threatening challenges.

Beverley admits to being an avid reader of mystery and romantic suspense, which began early in life with Nancy Drew. She also confesses to spending a lot of time dreaming up locked room plots and conversations between fictional characters. After years of writing down scraps of plots and promising to write the whole story one day, Beverley finally decided it was time she succumbed to her long time desire to write. Purchasing her very first computer and struggling with computer illiteracy, she finally put her fingers to the keyboard and wrote her first novel, creating the characters she had been talking to for years. The result is Death Awaits.

Beverley also loves developing secondary characters such as the wolfhound dog in Death Awaits, to complement her hero and heroine. In her upcoming Holly Devine series, set in Florida, the secondary character has early Alzheimer's.

When not working out the twisted details for her latest plot, Beverley reads voraciously, and loves to travel, hike and cross country ski in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, among the vineyards, beaches and mountains. 

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M. D. Benoit

Genre: Science Fiction Mystery

Publisher: Zumaya Publications

Personal Website: http://mdbenoit.com 

As long as she can remember, M. D. was either listening to her father's stories, or making them up herself. As a child having to do chores, many dishes were broken, or dust bunnies passed over, because she lived in her own imaginary world. Things haven't changed much since then --she still breaks dishes, and isn't much on housecleaning-- but instead of dreaming the stories, she writes them down. 

M. D. has always been fascinated by science and how the mind works. How better to combine both, than to write science fiction? Her main concern in writing stories is to explore human nature, and how science can affect people's perception of their own humanity. For the past few years, her interests have focused on genetic engineering, from Genetically Modified Organisms, to genetic warfare and cloning. Her first novel, Metered Space, is a sardonic view at such issues.

What makes us human? Explore this concept by meeting a whole bunch of aliens that have no human features, but may surprise you by acting more human than the flesh-and-blood bodies.  

M. D. currently lives in Ottawa with her husband and her cat (who is really an alien in disguise). 

She was a finalist for the 2000 Dream Realm Awards and won Second place in the Focus West Writing Contest, The Ottawa Citizen, 2000.

Visit Ottawa, Canada: http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/index_e.html

Glenn Brigaldino

Genre: Politics, International Affairs, fiction-in-progress

Publisher(s): Suite101.com, 982Press.com, Funnelhead Publications

Personal Website: http://www.tradezone.com/tradesites/GBC.html 

Born in Regina but raised in Germany, Glenn Brigaldino has only recently, in 2000 returned to Canada. A social scientist and specialist in development cooperation, he has lived and worked in Europe and Africa, as well as Asia.

Now based in Ottawa, he runs a small consulting firm (GB-BASE) that provides advisory and management services in development cooperation and policy management. Much of his writing relates to international affairs, with occassional attempts at fiction (still in progress). He remains associated as an online editor with epo.de, a German web-portal on international development issues.